Susan – “Is this mental abuse?”

You know I never knew that there was a PAS day, and until recently never knew PAS had a name. I went through it when I was a child. The comment in your blog about the child being called the dad’s name because the mom thought she was acting like her dad brought back deep memories. I remember my mom telling me basically the same thing, and it hurt. I love my mom, but deep inside it is like I cannot forgive her for using me and my sister. It is sad how adults use their children as weapons to get what they want without thinking about how it will effect their children. Do any of you think this a form of mental abuse? I for one think it is. The brainwashing of a child, the twisting of a child’s mind is abuse. What do you guys think? I recently read an article that some experts think it is not a disorder. Peace! Susan PS: Cool website!! It is good to know there is support out there. :)

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