Angelia Sims – “I’ll admit it”

I clearly remember my mom talking about my Dad. I remember shrugging it off with anger. That’s MY Dad I would think and mumble under my breath. I guess looking back it did hurt me and it helped me when Sydney’s dad and I divorced. I SWORE we wouldn’t do that and we didn’t until recently.

I’ll admit…I’ve been angry with him for moving away. Sydney only had three more years of school left. Could he have not waited? It feels like he abandoned her and me for his new wife and little boy. I am sure I lashed out with words. He was my best friend and her amazing Dad, I just don’t know what happened. Maybe, it feels like the divorce I went through as a child all over again. I didn’t want her to feel the same kind of pain.

Sydney says she is fine and luckily she has a very strong bond with her future step dad but I still think it will affect her down the road. BUT instead of lashing out, I will stay supportive for her sake.

Thank you for this awareness. It is very timely for me.

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