Tuesdai – “Snowball became an Avalanche”

Snowball became an Avalanche!!!

Until I found this site I thought that I was alone… only to discover that I am one of many.. I lived with my parmour and his mother during my pregnancy and the whole time all I received was verbal abuse, stating that “that’s not my son’s baby” so on and so fourth. From the day I gave birth to my son I felt alienated, even living in the home. My son slept in his grandmother’s room and 88% of  the time he was with her. When I confronted his father about the situation, he talked to his mother, she came to talk to me saying that I know that she is sick and she wanted to spend as much time as she could with her only grandchild. That being true I just attempted to get in as much time as I could with my son that didn’t include breastfeeding, changing, or bathing him. At almost 3 months old she wanted to take him to meet other relatives who were unable to travel, I humbled myself and allowed it, that’s when the snowball became an avalanche! This along with other things caused me and his father to grow apart. He too then went to see the same relatives, they then started living there for a short time. Allowing my son to leave was one of the biggest mistakes because they would go to far away places that I couldn’t go to I believe just so I couldn’t see him. This has been going on for many years now and even though my son addresses me as his mom he doesn’t listen to me as such. I think he thinks it’s just a name. I love my son with all my heart but I am not allowed to take him any where by myself or do things for him because I am told that the things I do “aren’t good enough” I understand that my son deserves the best but when good is all that I can offer I think that good is better than nothing. Everytime I’m around his grandmom I hear how I’m nothing, and I don’t have anything, and constantly being put down which makes me not want to be around her. I was also informed that her son will “never” leave her and possession is 9-10ths of the law. I don’t think that he is being physically mistreated but if these are the things that she is saying to me, only god knows the things that she is telling him about me, in a way I feel that his father and I both are being alienated, because at times it’s like she treats them like brothers not father and son!!


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