Gregory Harris – “Don’t answer that phone”


On March 17th, 2008 I had my first heart attack.  Four days later, I arrived home and my wife began to argue with me about money that was missing from my wallet.  After being home for 2 hours my chest began to hurt so I was rushed back to the hospital.  The next day I moved to a friend’s house and stayed there while I recovered.  Several times I tried unsuccessfully to contact my wife and children.  A few months has past and I haven’t received a return phone call from my wife or children.  Therefore, I filed for divorce to establish some kind of visitation with the kids.  The court ordered me to pay child support before any type of visitation was in place.  Now I was put in a position to go back to work before I was released by my doctors.

In August, I found a full time job paying about $1700 per. month.  With in three months I was ordered to pay $750 a month for support, $320 for insurance, on top of $450 in support that I was already paying for the same children.  I informed the Judge that I had to maintain a car payment and a place to live, she stated, “file a motion if you don’t like it”.  However I was awarded non-custodial parenting time of 4hrs a week that I had to spend at my wife’s house.

On November 3, 2008, I suffered a massive heart attack and went into a coma.  December 5th, I had open heart surgery and was put on a life support system (LVAD).  While I was on life support, my wife started bringing the kids to see me.  Whenever there was a disagreement or if the kids did something wrong my wife would tell them, they couldn’t go see their father.  My wife doesn’t inform me of the kids schedules, doctors appointments, school functions or sporting events.

While experiencing this alienation, I received a successful heart transplant in April 2011.  A week after my transplant my mother came to stay with me to help me recover but she died before I left the hospital.  When my wife brought the kids to the hospital, I informed her that my mom had died.  I asked her if I could take the two oldest kids to the funeral?  She said no, because she felt my son could’nt miss anymore days in school and my daughter had softball practice.

On another occasion  my wife called the police on me for disciplining our 13 year son. I asked my 7 year old daughter why was she crying?  She stated, mom told me not to tell you or I would get a spanking.  I told her it is ok, she can tell me, she said her brother was hitting her in the head with a wooden paddle.  I called for my son and asked him why was he hitting her and he said, he didn’t know, so I took off my belt and spanked him on his butt.  My wife jumped in between us and called the police.  How can you parent a child when you can’t discipline them?

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Another case of PA. It was discussed on Thursday I was picking up four of the children Saturday at 11am. I even asked if all four children were coming and she said, I thought you were getting all four of the girls, I said, just checking to make sure noone was saying at a friends or thier sisters, she told me that all would be available. I show up a few minutes before 11am to find they were not there. After waiting for about 5 minutes I see her and the kids walking from the corner store. The kids ran to the car got in and all I have is 3 children, I asked her were was the fourth child was my ex said, she stayed the night at a friends slumber party and she thought I was picking them up at noon. She then said, she was going to pick her up and asked me if I could wait and it would only take about 10 minutes to get her, I said ok. She then went into the house and while I was waiting I saw her coming out so I pulled out of her driveway as I was blocking her in thinking she was on her way to get our other daughter, she then turned around and went back into the house. I asked my daughter to go into the house an get my son who had missed all but one day from school that week. When he came out I asked him why was he not going to school he said, because he could not earn any credits this term so he was going to wait until next term. I verbally skulled him by saying, thats the dumbest thing I ever heard, what makes me think that you’re going to go next term and you won’t even finish this term, don’t it make better since to finish out this term going into the next term so you wouldn’t be so far behind, don’t that make better since than what you said. Then I asked him if he was going out of town with his mother and he said, yes , I told him if it were me he would be keeping his butt at home then I said have fun. He went back in the house and a few minutes later I tried to call my ex to see what was taking her so long but she’s not answering her phone, so I sent one of the girls in to tell her mom that I was trying to call her. I recieved a call from my ex seconds later asking me what did I said to our son for he went into the houes upset and slamming door, I told her, I told him I didn’t like the way he was doing things in his life, she then asked what did I say to him again, I asked her if she knew he was not going to school she said, I go to his room every morning to find him still in bed so yes I know he’s missing school, I then asked her why was she rewarding him for bad behavior, she then started to question me about why I made him mad and she wasn’t for he wanted to stay home and do nothing so I’m making him go ( Hang out at the hotel and eat out every night) thats his punishment and started to tell me I was at fault for making him mad. I cut her off asked about our daughter she said, thats what I was coming out to tell you but you walked away from me as I came out of the house. I thought you were going to get our daughter so I was moving to let you out. She then told me that someone would bring her to me because her friend wanted her to go skating. I asked about what time, she said she didn’t know. Around 5 or 6 I tried to call my ex letting her know that I hadn’t heard from our daughter and no answer so I left her a message. I tried calling several times and she never retuned my calls. Thet next day I tried calling still no answer, around 5pm  my oldest daughter called letting me know they would be back in about an hour and a half, I told her to call me when they get in. Around 9pm I took the girls home to find they were home, my oldest daughter came out to see me and telling me about her weekend baseball tournament. I then asked her if she tried to call me, she said, no that was mom, I then told her the kids had my phone and I tried to call right back and no one answered, she then said, that was mom not answering the phone I told her to answer and she said she didn’t want to talk to you, I then said I was calling about her sister and she told me why she didn’t come over this weekend. I said, thats all I was trying to find out. My ex was in her van getting ready to go get our daughter and never came to tell me why our daughter never came over.

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